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Vital Information for the Citizen to Pay Electricity Bill through Online
--> Citizen has to register in the portal. Click here for 'Registration'.
--> After successful registration , you must login into the site using the above userid and password.
-->You should know your electricity service providers i.e CESU or NESCO / WESCO / SOUTHCO.
--> You should go to the appropriate link as per the service provider.
--> You  should keep the phsyical bill before payment..
--> You should know the following in the bill provided by CESU.
  • Consumer No
  • Rebate Date
  • An amount before due date
  • An amount after due date
  • Division like (BCCD-1,BCCD-2,CDD-1,CDD-2 etc)
  • You should pay the entire amount once in a month
  • Consumer No
--> In case of DISCOMS You should know the following:
  • Company Name Like NESCO/SOUTHCO/WESCO
  • Consumer Name
  • SDO No(First 4 digits)
  • Binder No(Next 4 digits)
  • Account No(Last 4 digits)
  • Amount to be paid
  • You can pay amount twice in a month
--> Amount to be paid , if the Consumer Details / Bill Details are not found :
    For CESU
  • If Consumer details are not found, you cannot pay the bill. Then please email us at or contact us at +91-674-2567606
  • If Consumer details are found and bill details are not found then, minimum amount to be paid should be more than or equal to the current bill amount of consumer's physical bill, if less than current bill amount is paid then it is treated as invalid collection.
  • If Consumer details are not found, you cannot pay bill. Then please email us at or contact us at +91-674-2567606
--> You  can enter the above things as per the screen demands.
-->While paying You can select Netbanking(for Axis bank customers) and Debit/Credit Card(for all debit and credit card)[Visa, Master and Maestro enabled].
-->For above Online Payment Through Visa/Master/Maestro Debit Card, the card holder should have .
  • The 16/19 digit Debit card number in the debit card.
  • The Expiry Date in MM/YY format displayed in the card(Not mandatary for Maestro Cards).
  • The CVV Number ( 3 digit code written on the back side of Visa/Master Debit Card, Not mandatary for Maestro Cards)
  • The Master Card Secure Code/Verified By Visa Password ( If citizen donot have, they can generate on-line while making payment)
-->You must keep the reciept as a proof of token.In the reciept Transaction Id is the reference no from OdishaOnline and Bank Refrence no is refernce no from bank.
--> You can check the transaction/payment in "My Transactions".
--> If You does not get a reciept but your debit/credit card is debited with the amount , then You can go to "My Transactions" and search the transaction and can take a duplicate recipet. Duplicate reciept can be obtained by clicking "Ref No" link. . But if  your transaction shows in pending list of the transactions then you can check "verify from bank" link and can regenerate the reciept.For more queries or compalints , please write to us at:
Customer Care
Odisha e-Governance Services Limited,
OCAC Building, N-1/7-D Acharya Vihar Square,
Or please email at